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Web Bula is an innovative application that links you to your physician, your medial history, exams and prescriptions. It offers a world of ease and safety for consultations and exams, purchasing medication and even advising on how to use them correctly.
All via your mobile phone!

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Safety at the service of your physician.

It permits access to your medial information so that your physician and other health professionals can work with your updated medical history, stored in the cloud, with complete access safety. This way, everyone is on the same page and your treatment attains the desired results.

Cloud-based aid for your health.

Receive digital medication prescriptions with complete safety and present your prescription at the drugstore on your phone. Web Bula means safety for you, as a patient or health professional, when the subject is health.

Efficiency in purchasing and selling medication.

Web Bula means an end to medical prescription errors caused by illegible handwriting. The result is greater security when purchasing and consuming recommended medicaments. The app even features a audible alarm for the correct use of medication, an excellent solution for administering medication, especially for the elderly and children.

Your health in digital form in the palm of your hand!

Electronic prescriptions

Quick, easy and legible medicament prescriptions, using the ANVISA prescribing information.

Viewing Results

Consult all types of exams and controls, when and where you want.

Medical Exams and Reports

Safely store medical exams and reports for blood tests, blood sugar, cholesterol and so on.

Consultation History

Ease and safety in controlling your medical consultations.

Organization of Prescriptions

All medication prescribed and available in two places: the cloud and your mobile phone.

Medical History

In an emergency, with your information at hand, the physician can work more safely, considering the risk factors.

Clinical Measurements

Measuring blood-sugar levels, blood pressure etc., generated in drugstores: all in the palm of your hand.

Digitalized Imaging

Exams like X-rays, tomography, ultrasound, etc.,: all in a single place.


The proof of experience.

  • Cristiane Miranda Barros/São Paulo/50

    A revolution in healthcare. In real time, accurate and reliable. Gains in time and quality of life. Not to mention the safety of my clinical data for physicians, pharmacists, ... and thereby excluded the factor of mistakes in my health. Excellent!! I simply loved it!!!

  • Marcos Antônio Silva /Curitiba/47

    I really liked the benefits, being able to control my medication and keep my medical information on my phone the whole time. This is really valuable! My father has already passed away, and during his treatment there were many difficulties in controlling the exams and prescribed medication. Fantastic!

  • Dr. Ricardo José Rodrigues Cardiologista - Londrina/53

    The Web Bula system provides greater interaction among professionals, greater efficiency in prescription and dispensation of pharmaceuticals and higher levels of safety for the patient, as it prevents difficulties in reading medical prescriptions at drugstores. We expect improved obedience from patients concerning the correct use of prescribed mediation and a reduction in the risk of interactions with other medicaments, so common in polymedicated elderly patients. Congratulations on a great initiative!

Alarms, Discipline, Results!

Web Bula helps you to administer medication, whether for you, children or the elderly. Alarms indicate information like "when", "how much" to take, "when to buy" more, etc.

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